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Plastic Injection Molding Machine Project

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Project

Using Plastic Injection Molding Machine to improve quality

Hybrid plastic injection molding machine

Hybrid plastic injection molding machine

Provide The Hybrid Plastic Injection Molding Machine to The Famous Factory.

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  • The Multi-Action Plastic Injection Molding Machine Achieves The Goal Of Extremely Short Production Cycle
    To assist a food container manufacturer build efficient injection molding production lines

    The customized high-performance compound action plastic injection machine successfully met the South African food container manufacturer’s expectation for maximum production capacity. It not only realized the production of 4 seconds per cycle but also fully demonstrated stability in high-speed production. The injection position is always accurate, and the excellent performance amazes customers.

  • Provide Plastic Injection Machine to Plastic Screw/Bottle Caps Factory to Improve Product Yield
    Bottle cap turnkey solution of plastic injection molding

    Top Unite provides 180ton hybrid plastic injection machines to optimize the plastic screw cap production line. This customer requests a high-standard quality of his product. With the assistance of Top Unite, every single product produced by this customer has a stability quality and precision size; for the 16 cavities 22mm screw cap only costs 7.5sec every cycle. These advantages success to let him become a long term business partner with Uni Corp.

  • Taiwan's Well-Known Bottle Cap Producer Purchasing Plastic Injection Molding Machine
    We provide high-performance injection machines and complete after sale service that create high repurchase rate

    A Taiwan based plastic bottle cap manufacturer specially dealing in producing 5 GAL bottle cap and exports to Japan. The motivation of the replacing machine is due to the high maintenance fee of the all-electric injection machine; the guest starts to search the same performance injection machine from Taiwan. This bottle cap product originally produced by a high performance, precision, rapid and low energy consumption all-electric injection machine. The machine now is on its last leg although it works fine. The malfunction of the machine began more frequently and the owner doesn't want to settle any malfunction anymore. Therefore the owner comes to replace with the same performance and affordable injection machine to his mind.

  • Top Unite Provides the Hybrid Plastic Injection Molding Machine to the World-Famous the BB bullet manufacturer
    The high-performance injection molding machines help reduce the grinding time of BB bullets to raise the yield

    Top Unite provides a 250ton hybrid injection molding machine to a world-famous plastic industrial company. In this case study, the injection molding machine is upgraded the injection unit for getting more injection pressure and installed a mold with over 1000 cavity of bb bullet, by the powerful injection force it prevents the short shot problem to the products. Due to the stability and sturdy structure of the clamping that can resist the force of injection, therefore the product’s parting line is controlled in a range of 6.01 to 6.03mm and this will help to reduce the working-time in the grinding process to raise the yield.

  • Mold Factory Purchase Top Unite Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Reducing The Cost of Mold Trail
    Top Unite plastic injection molding machines have a wide range of applications and are trusted by customers

    Located in the suburb of Jongli, Taoyuan City, a plastic mold factory specializes in the development of general plastic molds, in-mold labeling molds, thin-walled container molds, dual-color molds, insert injection molds, automotive molds, etc. Their clients cover many of the world's well-known companies. At first, after the development of the new mold, they need to discuss and test with the customer. Therefore, the molds must be delivered to the mold trial factory for testing. Because the mold trial factory is not easy to arrange the time, and when there is a problem with the product, the mold has to be transported back to their factory for modification. It takes a lot of time to deliver back and forth, plus the fee of trial mold is not cheap, and finally decided to purchase the injection machine to trial the mold by themselves. Since he has been contacting the trial mold factory for many years and seen many types of injection molding machines used in the factory. His molds are mostly thin-wall products because our injection speed is enough to meet the requirements of the mold. Excellent stability allows the mold to capture the problem that needs to be modified in the shortest time while testing. Finally, he choseTop Unite. In the beginning, they are not familiar with how to adjust the injection machine. Our guide assisted the customer during mold trialing. After testing several sets of molds, the customer gradually mastered the essentials of the control machine, and now they can trial the mold by themselves, so they save a lot of costs and shorten the development time of the mold.

  • Assist the OEM Factory to Replace Injection Machines, Transforming to Receive High-Margin Orders
    Top Unite machinery has a professional technique team with experienced of injection molding, leading clients to create impossible to possible

    Taiwan Plastic Injection Molding OEM Company by purchases Top Unite Injection Molding Machine to upgrade its equipment increases the yield and the precision of production. By replacing the original Injection Machine to the Top Unite , they receive the high-profit orders and make it successful to produce the high-precision products which they never manufacture before. In the early years of his career, the company was an original equipment manufacturer in the stationery plastic products, limited to low-end injection molding machines used in the factory, and only able to produce plastic products with long working hours and low profits.

  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Effectively Reduces Product Defect Rate
    By using the Top Unite Injection molding machine, the owner doubled the capacity and achieved more orders from major leaders in the fast food industry

    Top Unite machinery provides high-speed injection molding machine to optimize customer's production line. First of all, we improve the machine's production output and yield rate. Second, we update the cooling system and use the high-efficiency water chiller to shorten the cooling time and successfully got doubled production capacity. Under the assistance of the Top Unite Machinery, our client won orders from the company of the major-leader of the fast-food industry.

  • Top Unite Offers Vertical Plastic Injection Machines to The Blood Glucose Meter Housing Plants
    Improve production lines, making production movements smoother and precise

    This case is a company that is special manufactures the cover of the blood glucose meter shell. At the one shall usually have a lot of threaded inserts (from4 ~ 6) if a mold contains two cavities, which means it has to insert 8 ~ 12 threaded insert in a single circle. Due to the shell and threaded insert size, it is not easy to take and also the insert action is very hard to handle. The shell and threaded insert size cannot be changed, the only way can be changed is the clamping direction. The customer purchases the vertical injection to improve their production line because the clamping direction is vertical so the operator is easier to insert. And they don't worry about the threaded insert will drop out from the correct position into the cavity during the clamping process that might cause the damage of the mold. The other advantage of Top Unite vertical injection is we use the double toggle to clamping it's more stable during high-pressure clamping compared with hydraulic clamping. Caused by the stroke of clamping cylinder is fixed the when mold clamping position must be 0mm, we can make sure the mold always at the right position before the injection.

  • The Thin Wall Plastic Injection Molding Machine Create Benefit for South African Customers
    Top Unite machinery’s professional and all-round technical support has won the trust of customers

    Top Unite provides a 320tons hybrid plastic injection molding machine for a food container manufacturer. This injection molding machine is build up to produce 1gal thin-wall(0.7mm) peanut butter containers and successfully achieved the single cycle within 10sec that was set up by the client. Since the high-rate and high-stability of the production, the client gave us a high-praise for this cooperation and promises Top Unite is the first choice for purchasing injection molding machines in the future.

  • Provides Injection Molding Turnkey Solutions for the Philippine Paint Group
    Consulting service to create an efficient and stable plastic injection molding production line

    Top Unite provides plastic injection molding machines to a famous paint enterprise in Philippians Cebu, helping to build up a plastic injection molding production line from scratch. The advantage of high-quality stabilized output that greatly lower the cost, they don’t have to pay extra money buying the paint container from other companies anymore.

  • POLYSULFONE Injection Molding Solution
    Optimizing high-performance thermoplastic(PPSU) Injection Molding Lines

    In this case study, we will discuss how Top Unite helping this client to solve the injection problem in the Advance-Engineering Plastic "PPSU" production and how to make our plastic injection molding machines able to apply on the PPSU material production, and at the same time satisfy the customer's product quality and Demand for maximum production capacity.

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