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Maximize Production

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Increase production capacity

Increase production capacity

Provide The Hybrid Plastic Injection Molding Machine to The Famous Factory.


Taiwan-Based Automatic Plastic Injection Molding Machines Manufacturer Since 1993 | TOP UNITE

Based in Taiwan since 1993, TOP UNITE MACHINERY CO., LTD. has been a plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. Their main products, including horizontal injection machines, dual color servo injection machines, vertical servo energy-saving toggle injection machines and auxiliary equipment such as dehumidifying dryers.

Top Unite machinery provides high-quality plastic injection molding machine, including horizontal (clamping force 50 ~ 550ton), vertical (clamping force 60 ~ 150ton) and dual color (clamping force 260 ~ 660ton). We insist on using Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components in the injection unit, overall, the excellent and stable performance that can apply to plastic parts in variety industries. Top Unite provides the turn-key solution and auxiliary equipment as well to help you building a production line from scratch or improving your production process, etc.

TOP UNITE delivers plastic injection molding machine and develops multiple models to assist in plant optimization, both with advanced technology and 42 years of experience, TOP UNITE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Top Unite Provides the Hybrid Plastic Injection Molding Machine to the World-Famous Plastic Industry Company

The famous plastic industry company purchases Top Unite hydraulic hybrid injection machine
The famous plastic industry company purchases Top Unite hydraulic hybrid injection machine

Top Unite provides a 250ton hybrid injection molding machine to a world-famous plastic industrial company. In this case study, the injection molding machine is upgraded the injection unit for getting more injection pressure and installed a mold with over 1000 cavity of bb bullet, by the powerful injection force it prevents the short shot problem to the products. Due to the stability and sturdy structure of the clamping that can resist the force of injection, therefore the product’s parting line is controlled in a range of 6.01 to 6.03mm and this will help to reduce the working-time in the grinding process to raise the yield.

Plastic Injection molding machine helps customer breaks the original production capacity.

This Taiwan-based company has been in the toy industry for over 2 decades, they produce hundreds of ton BB bullet and selling worldwide every year. According to experience in using other injection molding machines from Taiwan, they believe producing 700 cavities in a single cycle is the limit of the industry. For breaking this limit, they start to search for other high-performance injection molding machines.

Through the introduction, the customer knows that Top Unite injection molding machine has the ability to produce more than 1,000 pieces of BB bullet in a single cycle, and won't affect the injection stability due to the increase in production capacity. Moreover, the parting line of the product is not obvious, reducing the subsequent grinding time. When the customer has known this message, he contacts Top Unite.

The reason why Top Unite injection machine achieves the demand of customer.

Top Unite injection molding machine uses the material FCD-600 nodular cast iron as mold platen, the tensile strength is around 600 - 750N/mm², and thicken platen; always maintain mold platen to its original shape even if under the high injection speed and pressure condition. In this way, always make sure that the product parting line is less obvious, and by reducing the grinding time of the prdocut to increase the yield.

The customer becomes a long term partnership with Top Unite

"Your injection molding machine must be done well, otherwise, I will only buy this one time," the owner said to Top Unite. After several communications, the customer has a deeper understanding of our injection machine and deepens the trust of each other. Top Unite service team is always keeping in mind the customer's recommendations and needs, fortunately, we successfully reach all the requirements by the customer at the first transaction. After the first order in 2015, they purchase an injection molding machine from us every single year. Top Unite is not only making a deal for once but also a permanent partner.

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