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Increase production capacity

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TOP UNITE - Industrial Vertical & Horizontal Plastic Injection Molding Machines Manufacturer From Taiwan

Located in Taiwan since 1993, TOP UNITE MACHINERY CO., LTD. is an industrial plastic injection molding machine supplier that provides types of plastic injection molding machines, including horizontal injection machine, dual color servo energy-saving injection machine, vertical servo energy-saving toggle injection machine and auxiliary equipment (dehumidifying dryer).

Top Unite machinery provides high-quality plastic injection molding machine, including horizontal (clamping force 50 ~ 550ton), vertical (clamping force 60 ~ 150ton) and dual color (clamping force 260 ~ 660ton). We insist on using Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components in the injection unit, overall, the excellent and stable performance that can apply to plastic parts in variety industries.

TOP UNITE delivers plastic injection molding machine and develops multiple models to assist in plant optimization, both with advanced technology and 42 years of experience, TOP UNITE ensures each customer's demands are met.

What industries are plastic injection molding machines suitable for?

High precision injection machine is suitable for the production of various types of
plastic products on the market.
High precision injection machine is suitable for the production of various types of plastic products on the market.

Top Unite injection molding machine has excellent injection performance, multiple unique hydraulic techniques, and sturdy, reliable clamping structure, is suitable for the production of various types of plastic products on the market, include automobile accessories, medical supplies, consumer electronic product, sports equipment, household appliances, food packaging containers, precision optics, engineering plastic, power tool housing, and industrial pipes.

We are committed to meeting each industry customer's production needs, improve product quality according to your expectations, and maximize capacity in the shortest time possible, shorten the production cycle, let you have both high-quality output, and maintain capacity superiority.

We are expecting each of our clients could be able to have the ability to receive the orders of higher profit and precision products by updating equipment and our professional consulting service after purchasing Top Unite injection machines.

You can click the application to view the page, and also click contact us to raise your questions or requests, we will reply as soon as possible. If you cannot make sure the product is capable of injection molding production, you can send us the drawing of your product, we are happy to figure out the solutions for you.

High-speed injection machine is suitable for the production of plastic screen frames.
Related Products
  • Thin-Wall Injection Molding Machine - The thin-wall injection molding machine.
    Thin-Wall Injection Molding Machine
    EHIII-DS Series (50~750 TON)

    Top Unite provides solutions for thin-wall plastic products. By increasing the injection speed and the stability of injection, the thin-wall injection machines effectively avoiding short shots and flashes on the product to improve product quality.We upgrade the thin-wall injection machines control components to get a higher injection speed that ensures the injected melting plastic material could reach the entire mold cave before it getting solidification which decreases the short-shot products happened.

  • Polycarbonate Injection Moulding Machine - The polycarbonate injection molding machine.
    Polycarbonate Injection Moulding Machine
    EH-DS Series (50~750 TON)

    Injection molding machine has directed the characteristic of polycarbonate, strengthens the injection unit to get higher injection pressure that maintains a stable production and effectively preventing wavy or streaks caused on the product surface.This series of models build-in a Polycarbonate-transparent special-purpose material barrel, which surfaces with the chromium plating process, and an exclusive L/D ratio design, to prevent black spots and yellowing on the product and improve production quality.

  • Plastic-Caps Special Injection Molding Machine - Top Unite plastic-cap special injection molding machine.
    Plastic-Caps Special Injection Molding Machine
    EH-DS Series (50~750 TON)

    Top Unite launches plastic-cap special injection molding machine against the food packaging industry. The machine builds in a PP and PE special double thread material barrel. It helps to compound with color masterbatch during the material is plasticizing to reduce the defective products.To save more time, we place a proportional valve to boot up the speed in the mold closing/opening and make it more accurate to protect your mold. Meanwhile, we strengthen the clamping toggle structure to bear the high pressure from high-speed mold closing/opening which extends the service life.