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Maximize Production

Maximize Production

Using Plastic Injection Molding Machine to improve quality

Increase production capacity

Increase production capacity

Provide The Hybrid Plastic Injection Molding Machine to The Famous Factory.


TOP UNITE - Plastic Injection Molding Machine Effectively Reduces Product Defect Rate

Located in Taiwan since 1993, TOP UNITE MACHINERY CO., LTD. is an industrial plastic injection molding machine supplier that provides types of plastic injection molding machines, including horizontal injection machine, dual color servo energy-saving injection machine, vertical servo energy-saving toggle injection machine and auxiliary equipment (dehumidifying dryer).

Top Unite machinery provides high-quality plastic injection molding machine, including horizontal (clamping force 50 ~ 550ton), vertical (clamping force 60 ~ 150ton) and dual color (clamping force 260 ~ 660ton). We insist on using Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components in the injection unit, overall, the excellent and stable performance that can apply to plastic parts in variety industries.

TOP UNITE delivers plastic injection molding machine and develops multiple models to assist in plant optimization, both with advanced technology and 42 years of experience, TOP UNITE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Effectively Reduces Product Defect Rate


Servo Energy-Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Ship to Peru.
Servo Energy-Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Ship to Peru.

Top Unite machinery provides high-speed injection molding machine to optimize customer's production line. First of all, we improve the machine's production output and yield rate. Second, we update the cooling system and use the high-efficiency water chiller to shorten the cooling time and successfully got doubled production capacity.

Under the assistance of the Top Unite Machinery, our client won orders from the company of the major-leader of the fast-food industry.


This South America customer specialized in the manufacture of high-quality disposable plastic tableware, including a variety of plastic spoon, plastic fork and plastic cup. They originally used the plastic injection molding machine from other countries. However, due to the long production cycle time and unsatisfactory quality, the customer asked the mold maker for introducing whether there is an injection molding machine with fast injection speed, stable process, and good quality. The mold maker strongly recommended Top Unite.

The major problems to this client are improving the yield rate and shorten the circle of the production. In this case study, Top Unite Machine separates the situation into three major parts and bases the problems they were facing to give solutions to achieve their needs.

1. Increase the cavity of the mold to get more production output
First, increasing the cavity to get more final products in every single cycle. Due to the raising amount of the cavity, the project area also extends. Therefore upgrading the injection unite to the next level and using the accumulator to help the injection speed to let the melting plastic material could reach every cavity before getting solid.

2. In terms of the mold, we reinforce the cooling system then use the high-efficiency water chiller to shorten the cooling time of the product successfully shorten the cooling time to get doubled production capacity.

3. Finally, we change the hydraulic charge motor into an electric servo motor and install a shut-off nozzle to the material barrel, the shut-off nozzle could prevent the melting plastic spillover from the barrel into the mold when the charging during the mold-opening, so that the machine could charge and mold-open at the same time to reduce the cycle time.

Why customer purchased plastic molding machine from us?

Top Unite is not only a supplier of plastic injection molding machines, but also provides injection molding solutions. Because of the first time purchasing Top Unite injection machine, the customer didn't get used to the operating of the machine. The condition setup has the differences between the existing injection machines. Top Unite technical team in detailed communication and discussion with the customer to check every setting which according to the products to get the best status of the machine. In addition to solving the problems in the past and final, the cycle time of the production has been reduced by more than half. Top Unite achieved the requirements of maximizing production and stable product quality by the owner.

Customer Feedback

Our customer received massive orders from the leading fast-food companies with the assistance of the Top Unite professional team. The customer realized that good machines bring orders, they replaced their existing injection molding machine and changed to Top Unite injection molding machine.

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