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Maximize Production

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Increase production capacity

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Our History | 42 Years High-Performance Automatic Injection Molding Machines Manufacturer From Taiwan | TOP UNITE

Based in Taiwan since 1993, TOP UNITE MACHINERY CO., LTD. has been a plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. Their main products, including horizontal injection machines, dual color servo injection machines, vertical servo energy-saving toggle injection machines and auxiliary equipment such as dehumidifying dryers.

Top Unite machinery provides high-quality plastic injection molding machine, including horizontal (clamping force 50 ~ 550ton), vertical (clamping force 60 ~ 150ton) and dual color (clamping force 260 ~ 660ton). We insist on using Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components in the injection unit, overall, the excellent and stable performance that can apply to plastic parts in variety industries. Top Unite provides the turn-key solution and auxiliary equipment as well to help you building a production line from scratch or improving your production process, etc.

TOP UNITE delivers plastic injection molding machine and develops multiple models to assist in plant optimization, both with advanced technology and 42 years of experience, TOP UNITE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Our History

More than 40 years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry.

Top Unite is a leading manufacturer of high-precision plastic injection machines in Taiwan.
Top Unite is a leading manufacturer of high-precision plastic injection machines in Taiwan.

Top Unite was founded in 1976, we are a leading manufacturer of high-precision plastic injection molding machines in Taiwan. The company has a first-class R & D technology and team dedicated to the development of high-precision, fast, durable, and stable plastic injection molding machines. With rich experience and enthusiasm, Top Unite provides appropriate injection molding solutions according to the needs of customers in different industries, and assists in the construction of peripheral auxiliary equipment, and establishes a deep and long-term partnership with the customer base.

2018Vertical and Dual Color injection machine is officially on sale in the market.
2016Develop Vertical and Dual Color injection machine.
2013We offer KEBA i1000 and i2000 as an optional.
2009Cooperate with Toshiba motor and introduce the energy saving injection molding machine EH-DS.
2008The computer has been completely changed to MPC3000 and MPC3050 with touch function.
2004Launched DH model and modification of the crankshaft.
2000Leading Taiwan other companies have launched machines that work with in-mold labeling.
1990Use Bosch servo valve and electrical module to control inject unit as closed loop system injection molding machine model CHⅡ and CHⅢ (with nitrogen to assist injection).
1987Started production of injection molding machines model CH that equipped with industrial computers (MPC2000).
1982We use Bosch solenoid valve with position feedback as system pressure and flow controller and become standard parts.
1976Introduced the first Injection molding machine B1.